We would like to thank the dancers of 2013 who helped Zonathon raise $1,709.45 FOR THE KIDS!!! 

Where to Start:

Once you have registered on Donor Drive, you are ready to start making a difference! Fundraising is a simple and fun task! The first thing to do is to set a goal. Setting a goal will give yourself something to work towards and help you keep on track. Each dancer is required to raise at least $100 to attend the main event, but we strongly encourage each dancer to surpass this and create their own goal.

You can use Donor Drive to help keep track of your donations. It is also a way for others to donate directly to your account electronically. Be sure to utilize your friends and family, as well as social media (Facebook, twitter, etc.), to help ask for donations.

Ways to Fundraise:

Writing Campaign
All you have to do is send letters or emails to your friends and family. Feel free to use our letter template, but be sure to personalize it for everyone you request a donation from! It also helps to post a link to the Zonathon donation page on your Facebook or Twitter account with a message asking for your friends’ and followers’ support.

Pick a day with nice weather (not hard to come by in Tucson!) and hit the streets! Ask your neighbors, passerbys on the Mall, or total strangers to donate their spare change to your Zonathon fund. Be ready to explain Zonathon’s mission!

Car Wash, Bake Sale, Viewing Party
This is a great way to fundraise as a team. Gather your fellow dancers and host a fundraising event! Invite all your friends to support your goal by getting their car washed, buying some cookies, or attending a movie night.

Sell Your Talent
Are you a musician, artist, or crafter? Sell what you create! Offer to perform a song, make a painting, or knit a scarf in exchange for a donation. Even better if what you make is Dance Marathon related!

Canning for Penn State's THON

Canning for Penn State’s THON