TMC for Children

The Tucson Medical Center for Children is a vital part of our community. A newly renovated center at TMC makes the children being treated feel like they’re at home, rather than in a hospital. They have an emergency department that is open 24/7, intensive care units, pediatric hospice programs, surgery programs, and more. The employees are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the children and their families. Tucson Medical Center has been a part of Children’s Miracle Network since 1984, raising more than $11 million for the TMC Foundation Children’s Fund to benefit local programs for infants and children.


There are numerous ways to help the Tucson Medical Center. Some ways to help are to donate to the Block by Block foundation which helps to raise money to improve child medical services at TMC. Also, very vital to Zonathon is donating to the Children’s Miracle Network for TMC for Children which is what For The Kids is all about. The donations go straight to improving infant and child programs at TMC. The Guardian Angel program is a great way to give back to the caregivers who made a difference in a patients stay and to support the important programs at TMC. At TMC you can also become a volunteer and actually interact with the children that you are helping. This is a great opportunity to really see what your support is going towards and to give a helping hand to a wonderful staff at the center.


Upcoming Events at TMC