Executive Board

Meet our 2013 Executive Board! Please don’t hesitate get in touch with any of us if you have questions about Zonathon, we’re happy to answer them!

Just send an email to the chair that you think can best answer your inquiry.

photos by Briana Sanchez, The Daily Wildcat

photo by Briana Sanchez, The Daily Wildcat

Kaylee Stepanski – zonathonpresident@gmail.com

External Director
Ryan Weaver – zonathonexternal@gmail.com

Internal Director

Hospital Relations Chair
Jessie Schulman – zonathonhospital@gmail.com

Finance Chair
Ryan Potter – zonathonfinance@gmail.com

Sponsorship Chair
Sam Kinkade – zonathonfinance@gmail.com

Dancer Relations Chair
Nikki Woods – zonathondancers@gmail.com

Public Relations Chair
Adam Spencer – zonathonpr@gmail.com

Morale Chair
Sierrane Gatela – zonathonmorale@gmail.com

Event Operations Chair
Kayla Fiore – zonathonevent@gmail.com