How do Miracle Families contribute to Zonathon?

Our families are our biggest source of inspiration for all the we do with Zonathon. Without their involvement, we would lack the dedication and motivation it takes to make Zonathon happen. We appreciate everything they do for us, whether it is sharing their story or speaking at our events.

If you have a child at Tucson Medical Center and want to become one of our Miracle Families, we would love to have you! Please contact our Hospital Relations Chair and find out how to get involved.

As a Miracle Family you are an inspiration for every other family out there. You are a symbol of hope, strength, and love. Becoming a Miracle Family is a great way to support the amazing foundation of the Children’s Miracle Network. You are able to give back to the hospital that has given you so much and you can show your appreciation. Miracle Families are a way to increase publicity for the Children’s Miracle Network so that more people are able to support this foundation and help it to grow. It is a fantastic experience; as a family you can come to the Zonathon events! During the year you will build enduring bonds with the students at University of Arizona and experience the enthusiasm and celebration of all Zonathon events! We encourage you to become a Miracle Family so you can participate in our many Zonathon events and become an unwavering inspiration to the rest of the families across the country.